What is the Best Safari Available in Nyungwe Forest?

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What is the Best Safari Available in Nyungwe Forest?

Nyungwe Forest National Park is situated in the southwestern of Rwanda. It is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Lake Kivu. The Park was created in 2004 to boost travel to Rwanda. One of East Africa’s greatest natural rain forests, Nyungwe National Park has a total land area of around 1000 square kilometers of biodiversity such as grasslands, swamps, and bamboo, and is elevated between 160 and 2950 meters above sea level. Because the forest is made up of grassland, bamboo, wetlands, and montane rainforest, it receives more than 2000 mm of rain annually.

Rwanda is one of the tourist places in Africa where visitors may have an exciting experience because of the large number of animal species within Nyungwe Forest National Park. Over five kinds of wild primates, 280 bird species, 1,280 plant species, 90 animal species, 40 amphibian species, and perhaps 40 reptile species are all protected in Nyungwe Forest National Park and most of the animal species are sighted in the Albertine Rift Montane Forest which is located in the African ecoregion.

In addition to gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking is one of the most safari activities offered in Nyungwe Forest. The chimpanzee safari starts early in the morning and you can’t tell the time it’s likely to spend. Anything from thirty minutes to seven hours might pass. While in the park, it’s important to wear helmets, boots, jackets, and long sleeves to avoid dangers that may be caused by the park. The chimpanzee trekking group contains about 8 members per group.

The affordable safaris and tours in Nyungwe Forest National Park
3 -days Nyungwe forest excursion with chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk
Book this 3-day Nyungwe forest tour to see the chimpanzees in Rwanda and enjoy the stunning surroundings of Nyungwe Forest National Park. Given that Nyungwe Forest is one of Africa’s oldest highland rainforests that has endured the ice age thereby explaining its remarkable biodiversity. Regardless of chimpanzees which are our closest cousins, the forest is also well known for its abundance of monkeys.
This 3-day trip to Nyungwe includes a chimpanzee tour, where you can spend up to an hour with our closest relatives, the chimpanzees. There’s also a forest trek where you’ll see multiple monkey species, rivers, waterfalls, rare plants, trees, and stunning views of the surrounding area. However, a visit to Nyungwe Forest National Park would not be complete without taking part in the famous canopy walk experience.
Highlights of the 3-Day Nyungwe Tour: chimpanzee trekking, Canopy walk, and Nature Walk.
Day 1: Transfer to Nyungwe for the Canopy Walk.
Day 2: Chimpanzee trekking and Visiting the Gisakura Tea Estate.
Day 3: guided nature walks and transfers back to Kigali Return.

Day 1: Transportation to Nyungwe for the Canopy Walk.
Pickup and Transfer to Nyungwe Forest National, here our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kigali at 7 a.m. and bring you to the southwest Rwandan park known as Nyungwe Forest National Park, it will take about 5 to 6 hours to go from Kigali to Nyungwe which is roughly 225 kilometers away. On the way to the park, there is a lunch break. When you get to the Nyungwe Uwinka Visitor Center at 3 pm, you will take the canopy walk tour which will provide you with breathtaking views of the lovely forest and access to animals that inhabit the forest’s canopies, like the rare birds and monkeys. After dinner, make your way back to your hotel to spend the night.
Day 2: chimpanzee trekking and Visiting the Gisakura Tea Estate.
Nyungwe Chimpanzee Trekking: You will start your day with an early breakfast at 4.30 a.m. and report to the Nyungwe Park office in Gisakura at 5 a.m. to meet the park guides for a briefing. From there, you will drive to the starting point of your Nyungwe Forest National Park (Cyamudongo Forest) for a chimpanzee trekking excursion. You’ll have the rest of the day to yourself after the chimpanzee trekking excursion.
During your free time, you can also Visit the Gisakura Tea Estate. You can go to the Gisakura Tea Estate later in the evening where you will be guided through the cultivation, harvesting, processing, and packaging of tea in this section get a chance to sample the finished products and get to know how delicious they may be. Afterward, go back to your lodging for dinner and an overnight stay.
Day 3: Guided Nature walk and Departure.
Guided Nature Walk, here you will hike in Nyungwe Forest National Park on a guided nature walk which is roughly 19 hiking routes that let visitors discover the diversity of the forest. You will hike the Isumo waterfall trail, which takes four hours total to finish one way.
Returning to Kigali, have lunch, and then vacate your accommodation. After that, you will make your way back to Kigali, where your driver guide will drop you off at the airport in time for your departure flight or any hotel of your choosing.
End of Tour.