The Ultimate Guide to Gorilla Permit Costs in Rwanda

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The Ultimate Guide to Gorilla Permit Costs in Rwanda

A gorilla trekking Permit cost in Rwanda is relatively high when considering other animal experiences. You may ask yourself Why gorilla trekking is so expensive, and what does a Gorilla Trekking permit mean? A gorilla trekking permit is a document issued by the Rwanda Development Board or Rwandan Office for Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN) that allows a traveler who is above 15 years old to go trek mountain gorillas in Rwanda specifically in volcanoes national park and it is expensive because there is a high demand for viewing them. The number of tourists who are interested in seeing mountain gorillas is large which has forced the governments to increase the cost of permits.
The gorilla trekking permit fees are Very Important because the fees aid in the conservation and the protection of the mountain gorillas and their habitat from man and its activities which imposes danger to the gorilla survival. Therefore, the prices imposed on the permits is worth it as you spend one hour in the presence of these magnificent creatures.

Cost of a gorilla permit in Rwanda
Rwanda has the most expensive price for gorilla trekking each costing $1500 for visitors who are non-foreign residents, $500 for foreign residents, and $200 for East African countries. As a permit goes from $750 to $1500 compared to that of Uganda and Congo which is $ 800 and $450, this has made Rwanda one of the most luxurious locations for gorilla trekking.
The Rwanda Development Board is in charge of managing and selling gorilla licenses in Rwanda and the only area in Rwanda where mountain gorillas may be seen is Volcanoes National Park, which is located in the northwest of the country.
As a permit goes from $750 to $1500 compared to that of Uganda and Congo which is $ 800 and $450, this has made Rwanda one of the most luxurious locations for gorilla trekking.

Where to purchase a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda
Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda can be booked directly with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), a government organization responsible for tourism in Rwanda, or with an official Rwandan travel operator. Send an email or give the head offices a call to see whether a permit is available for the days you would want to visit. If permits are not available for your desired dates, you will be asked to choose another day that will be available then you will go ahead and make the deposit for the permit and then it will be reserved for you based on your preferred dates. Once payments are made, you will provide a scanned copy of your payment confirmation to the Rwanda Development Board Following receipt of the payments it will start processing your gorilla trekking permit.

Bookings for gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda can also be purchased through a tour operator such as “Adventure in the Wild Safaris”. Here, you will email or call the tour operator with the dates, months, and years of your desired gorilla trekking destination when making a reservation. When you get in touch with adventure in the wild safaris, we will be in position to see whether permits are available for your dates, if they are, you’ll need to pay a deposit for the permits. We will buy the permits on your behalf as soon as we receive the payment, and we’ll email you a scanned copy of the receipt as proof.

The number of gorillas permits available for trekking in Rwanda per day.
Volcanoes National Park normally has 96 gorilla permits available at any given time. Daily permits are available for eight habituated gorilla groups, each of which can be visited. There are eight other habituated groups of gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, although they are usually more difficult to reach and are mostly visited by researchers. If a gorilla group meant for tourists crosses into Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, one of the groups usually visited will be chosen for a tourist visit by researchers.

Is the gorilla trekking cost in Rwanda worth the money?
The experience of going on a gorilla safari is worth every dollar you spend because of the wilderness adventure. Even the time you invest in getting ready for the gorilla trip is appropriate. Your heart melts with happiness when you see mountain gorillas up close. Indeed, going on a gorilla hike is a mysterious African adventure.
A portion of the money raised from the sale of gorilla licenses in Rwanda is utilized to support the conservation of mountain gorillas. Approximately 1,000 mountain gorillas remain in the wild today, despite being among the world’s most endangered primates. This is all due to conservation efforts.
Though the gorilla trekking safari is expensive, every dollar you spend is valuable. This is Alife time changing experience to be in the presence of this gentle giants.

What is Included when buying a gorilla permit in Rwanda?

The price of a Rwanda gorilla permit includes security during the gorilla trekking experience, park entrance fees for the entire day of trekking, an hour-long visit with the mountain gorillas, ranger guide fees, support for gorilla conservation, community support, and a certificate of completion upon the gorilla trekking adventure.

What is excluded when purchasing a gorilla permit in Rwanda

The price of the Rwanda permit will exclude volcano national park accommodation, snacks during gorilla trekking, tips, air tickets, ground transport, porters during gorilla safari, and any other item of a personal nature among others.

What to pack for gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

Although tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda is an amazing experience, you don’t need to overpack in very large gear. It is still essential to be prepared when you arrive. Since domestic flights frequently have a 20-kilogram baggage limit per person, it’s best to use a soft case or holdall to optimize space. Some of the items you are advised to pack include binoculars, cameras, insect repellent, waterproof pants, garden gloves, a water bottle, and trekking boots among others.