Kibale Forest Wildlife Corridor Game Reserve

Kibale Forest National Park
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Kibale Forest Wildlife Corridor Game Reserve

Animals can freely move between the two parks because to the 180 km Kibale Forest Wildlife Corridor Game Reserve, which connects Sebitoli in the north of Kibale Forest to Ishasha in the south of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kibale Forest is 1,110 to 1,590 meters above sea level. The eastern limit of the rift volcanic belt, with its array of volcanic vents, lies close by. The fertile soils of the forest are a result of the ash released by explosions from these vents, which was first dispersed by the passage of the inter-tropical convergence zone and subsequently by gravity wind flow from the expanding ice-fields of the Rwenzori Massif during recent ice ages. So this makes it possible in the well known primate park to find wildlife animals like elephants, leopards etc which may have crossing over through the corridor to the kibale forest national park. This pairing of the parks results in the creation of a 180 km (110 mi) long wildlife corridor. It is a well-known safari and ecotourism location with a population of habituated chimpanzees and twelve other primates species. The Makerere University Biological Field Station is situated there as well for effective works of the association. The soils are perched over a Precambrian gneiss basement complex that extends southward across the northern edge of the Ndale volcanic field which allows movement through the corridor

Other Wildlife Corridors In Uganda Include:

The corridor wildlife reserves in the Karamoja region include the Bokora Corridor Game Reserve. The Bokora Corridor Game Reserve is located in the arid plains of eastern Uganda, and getting there can be challenging, especially during the wet (rainy) seasons of the year due to the poor quality of the roads. The only time a poor road may be used to access the Bokora Corridor Game Reserve is during the dry season.

The reserve doesn’t currently have any lodging options, but the Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to build basic lodging facilities. Bokora Corridor Game Reserve is home to a variety of creatures, including giraffes, gazelles, elands, antelopes, and more. Bokora Corridor Game Reserve, a popular location for Ugandan birding tours, is home to a variety of birds as well.

Particularly, there is a fact concerning these corridor game reserves that you must be aware of. The Bokora, the Upe, the Pian, and the Matheniko are among the various ethnic groups that make up the Karamojongs; they all live in the corresponding game reserves that bear their respective ethnic names. The Bokora Corridor Game Reserve is home to the Bokora.

The Pian Upe wildlife reserve is located in an area that is roughly 2801 square kilometers large and stretches from Mountain Kadam to Mountain Napak on its northern border. A diversity of wildlife, including the extinct Rothschild’s Giraffe, zebras, lions, leopards, buffaloes, and other species, can be found inside the reserve’s perimeter. The Pian Upe game reserve is currently regarded as Uganda’s biggest game reserve.