Kasenda Crater Lakes

Kibale Forest National Park
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Kasenda Crater Lakes

As it leads you to various crater lakes, the Kasenda crater Lakes area is a natural paradise off the usual path. This is yet another undiscovered gem from Uganda’s popular tourist destination. The two most visited national parks in Uganda, Kibale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, are close to the Kasenda Crater Lakes region.

Crater lakes were created in the Ndali-Kasenda region during a previous volcanic eruption that occurred more than 10,000 years ago. They left behind calderas, which later developed into the beautiful crater lakes in the region. While some of the crater lakes are surrounded by exceptionally pure water, the majority of these lakes are characterized by a sulfuric acid odor and green toxic water.

The top of the world is the elevated Ndali-Kasenda viewpoint, which is situated between the Kibale-Kamwenge and Ndali highways. The region offers breathtaking views of the rift valley’s George and Kichwaenba escarpments. There are several crater lakes in the Kasenda region, including Lake Nkuruba, which is situated 25 kilometers south of Fort Portal. One of Kibale’s most magnificent crater lakes, this one offers breathtaking scenery and spectacular walking safaris.

Crater Lakes Near Kibale Forest National Park

West of Lake Nyinambuga, Lake Lyantonde is a great location for tourists who want to see the Ndali-Kasenda crater lake region as well as go chimpanzee trekking in Kibale Forest National Park.

Travelers can also take guided community walks to Lake Nyabikere, which is located 11 kilometers off the main route in Fort Portal.

South of Lake Nkuruba, Lake Nyinambuga is home to some of the most magnificent water features, which are encircled by trees and offer breathtaking vistas. West of Lake Nyinambuga is Lake Kifuruka, which gives visitors the opportunity to explore more of the Kibale-Ndali-Kasenda crater lakes region.

On your trip to Kibale Forest National Park, exploring the Ndali-Kasenda crater lakes area is a fantastic experience for chimpanzee tracking.

Note: Explosion craters, sometimes known as extinct volcanoes, are common in western Uganda, with the majority of the Katwe explosion craters being located in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Ndali-Kasenda region, close to Kibale forest, the Bunyaruguru crater area on the Kichwamba escarpment, and a few other places close to Fort Portal.