The Most Beautiful Bird Species in Kibale National Park

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The Most Beautiful Bird Species in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Bird Species in Kibale Forest – Kibale is a haven for birdwatchers. More than 370 species have been identified, many of which are unique to the forest, such the prized African pitta. The Cassin’s spinetail, blue-headed bee-eater, Nahan’s francolin, and Masked apalis are four bird species that have never been observed in another national park in Uganda. The Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, a community project where knowledgeable guides lead you on a four-hour trek, is the greatest place to go bird viewing. From November through April, migratory birds can be found here.

Kibale has a healthy bird population all year long, although the months of March through May and September through November are the best.

bird species in kibaleFood is plentiful and many birds are in breeding plumage during the primary fruiting season, which lasts from June to September. Although they don’t play a significant role in the forests, migratory birds can be spotted here from November to April.

The driest months are December through February and June through July, whereas the wettest months are March through May and September through November. Your time seeing birds can be limited by rainstorms.

List Bird Species in Kibale Forest National Park

  • Abyssinian ground thrush
  • Afep pigeon
  • African pitta
  • Black bee-eater
  • Black-capped apalis
  • Black-eared ground thrush
  • Blue-breasted kingfisher
  • Blue-headed bee-eater
  • Blue-headed sunbird (NE)
  • Brown illadopsis
  • Brown-chested alethe
  • Cassin’s spinetail
  • Crowned eagle
  • Dusky crimsonwing (NE)
  • Green-breasted pitta
  • Grey parrot
  • Little greenbul
  • Masked apalis
  • Nahan’s francolin (NE)
  • Purple-breasted sunbird (NE)
  • Red-chested owlet
  • Red-faced woodland warbler (NE)
  • Ruwenzori apalis
  • Scaly-breasted illadopsis
  • Western nicator
  • White-naped pigeon
  • Yellow-rumped tinkerbird

Best Months to do Bird Watching

While Kibale has a good birding year-round, the best months to see the birds are March through May and September through November. The primary fruiting season runs from June to September, so there is plenty of food available and plenty of birds in breeding plumage. From November to April, migratory birds can be found here, however they are not a significant factor in the woodlands.

The least amount of rain falls in December, February, and June–July, whereas the most rain falls in March–May and September–November. You may have less time to observe birds if it rains.