Nocturnal Forest Walk In Kibale Forest

Nocturnal Forest Walk In Kibale Forest

What To Do In Kibale Forest

Beautifully laid in western Uganda, Kibale national park is 795 sq. km of the Albertine rift valley with varying altitudes of the tropical rainforest. The park is situated 2 hours’ drive from Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kibale national park is famous for chimp trekking and boosting with the highest number of chimpanzees in the park and also bird’s species with over 375 birds, a total of 60 mammal species, and most famously 13 species of primates including; the rarest L’Hoest monkey, Colobus monkey, Black and white Colobus, Grey-cheeked mangabeys and the famous chimpanzee. Although the park is most popular for Chimpanzee tracking and chimpanzee Habituation experience where you will get to meet the chimps in their natural habitat, it is also an ideal place for many activities offered in the park as well as night walking adventures. Night walk in kibale, allows you explore the park on foot and get to view the animals at a close.
The nocturnal forest walk starts at 7:30 pm in the park which is the best time to spot the animal that you may not spot during day while doing the chimpanzee trekking in the forest some of the Nocturnal animals spotted here include, pottos, cricket bush baby, night jar, viviet and hyrax, giant forest hogs among others.

During the Nocturnal Walk

you will be led by ranger guide and armed ranger to keep security in case of animal attack, with strong touches passing through the forest you will sight some of the chimpanzee hanging up on the trees. The exercise lasts for about 2 hours then you will return to the lodge for your evening rest.
Besides Nocturnal walks, the park also offers day walks through the different trails which all lead to unique tourist destinations, the day nature walk, lasts for half day and also extended nature walks can be organised for you, the exercise lats for whole day starting in the morning and coming out in the evening where the campsites will be set up in the surrounding villages in the forest for relaxation.

During the Day Nature Walk

The locals can be hired for small fee to help carry your luggage in case the hike gets tiresome and longer.
Chimpanzee trekking, is a common activity done in kibale forest national park. The park harbours the highest number of chimps with over 1,5000 species which gives you higher chances of seeing the chimpanzee than any other place in Uganda. The chimpanzee permit goes for $200 per person for one hour with the chimps. Only adults and the children above 15 years are allowed to track the chimpanzee in their natural habitat.
There is also chimpanzee habituation which is the process of making the chimps used to the sight of humans, for the travellers participating in chimp habituation, you will be joined by researchers and rangers to look for the chimpanzee group. The exercise much longer time compared to chimpanzee trekking as you get to study them, learn their behaviour and also have an opportunity to take photos.

What to bring

Both day walks and Nocturnal walks require you to bring the following essentials you will need for the activity including; Rain jacket, warm and long-sleeved shirts and trousers, insect repellents to prevent insect bites, sunscreen to protect your skin from the strong sun’s rays comfortable hiking boots, a hat and strong gloves among other things that you may need.

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Best time to visit

Kibale forest national park, can be visited all year around but the best time is during the dry season in months of June, September, December, to February with little or no rainfall at all, when the roads leading to the park dry and easy to drive through and chimpanzee tracking trails are dry and passable. Despite the fact that dry season is the best time, the wet season makes it easy to track chimpanzee since they do not move a lot because there is a lot of vegetation for the chimps to feed on.
Besides kibale forest, chimpanzee trekking can also be done in Budongo forest near Murchison falls national park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kainzu forest reserve. All national parks, charge different fees for chimpanzee trekking. Budongo forest charges $120 per person, kyambura Gorge charges $50 per person and Kazinzu forest charges $50 person trekking the chimpanzee.